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New Water Source Project

In 2021 the Board approved funding for a new well;  this will ensure uninterrupted service, quality, and abundant water.  We have contracted with Associated Earth Sciences Inc and through sampling/testing protocol and analyzing hydrogeologic data they have determined a very good site would be our Brennick Reservoir location off Forrest Way, Camano Island. This site gives us two possible  aquifers that have different qualities and water availability. The bigger and deeper aquifer C at 300 feet is our targeted source. Because we have existing infrastructure and easements at the Brennick site this will bring costs down and speed up the process. Reichhardt & Ebe, our engineering firm, and AESI are working on a rough cost estimate and a timeline to completion. The Cooperative is reviewing this information now to determine options for moving forward including budget, borrowing needs, and possible phase-to-completion approach.  This new well could be online as early as 2027.

     Camano Cooperative Water & Power Co.


 A private water cooperative serving  approximately 600 shareholders and

with the capacity to serve up to 698.


994 S. Gary Lane

Camano Island, WA  98282


(360) 387-7363  office

(360) 630-0970 after hours emergency



Office Hours:

M-Th  11am -  3pm

F  11am -  2pm






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