Camano Cooperative Water & Power Co.


 A private water cooperative serving  approximately 600 shareholders and

with the capacity to serve up to 698.



994 S. Gary Lane

Camano Island, WA  98282


(360) 387-7363  office

(360) 630-0970 after hours emergency




Office Hours:

M-Th  11am -  3pm

F  11am -  2pm






2022 Calendar

As always, shareholders are welcome to the monthly Board Meetings held at 994 S. Gary Lane at 6:30pm on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  We do ask that if you want to come to the meeting to discuss something with the Board, that you please call the office at least two (2) days before the meeting so that we can plan for your attendance.

January 1                Closed - New Year Holiday

January 4-6            Meter Reading

January 13              Bills Sent Out

January 17             Closed - MLK Day

January 20             Monthly Board Meeting

February 14            Bills are Due

February 17            Monthly Board Meeting

February 21            Closed - President's Day

March 17                 Monthly Board Meeting

April 4-5                  Meter Reading

April 14                    Bills Sent Out

April 21                   Monthly Board Meeting

May 1                       Backflow Testing Due

May 16                     Bills are Due

May 19                    Monthly Board Meeting

May 30                     Closed - Memorial Day

June 16                    Monthly Board Meeting

July 4                       Closed - Independence Day

July 6-8                   Meter Reading                

July 14                     Bills Sent Out

July 21                     Monthly Board Meeting

August 15                Bills are Due

August 18                Monthly Board Meeting

September 5           Closed - Labor Day

September 15         Monthly Board Meeting

October 4-6             Meter Reading

October 13               Bills Sent Out

October 20              Monthly Board Meeting

November 11          Closed - Veteran's Day

November 15          Bills are Due

November 17          Monthly Board Meeting

November 19         Annual Shareholders' Meeting

November 24-25   Closed - Thanksgiving

December 15          Monthly Board Meeting

December 26          Closed - Christmas Day Observed

January 2                Closed - New Years Day Observed