Camano Cooperative Water & Power Co.


 A private water cooperative serving  approximately 600 shareholders and

with the capacity to serve up to 698.



994 S. Gary Lane

Camano Island, WA  98282


(360) 387-7363  office

(360) 387-6584 fax

(360) 630-0970 after hours emergency




Office Hours:

M-Th  11am -  3pm

F  11am -  2pm






Mission Statement

“To deliver safe, affordable and reliable drinking water to the shareholders of the Cooperative while supporting responsible stewardship and protection of our water resources and meeting applicable federal, state and local mandates for the operation of a water company.”

We are closed on Monday, February 17th. Your payments will not be late if paid on Tuesday the 18th or postmarked the 18th.

Part-time Office Assistant position available (approximately 10 hours per week).  Click here to see a more detailed job description and how and where to apply.

Informational item:  The Weston well has been offline effective January 28th, 2020 for service.  The Lost Meadows well will be operating during this time.  Once Weston is returned to service, expected by January 31, there may be a temporary water discoloration which shall quickly dissipate.  Your water remains safe to drink.  If you experience any other concerns please call 360-387-7363 or WWS 360-466-4443.


Beware....  Your Cooperative does not have an online account log in or bill payment provision.  We've been made aware of online vendors offering these services and it is misleading.  This is not connected with your account or any services provided by the Cooperative.



New Board Member

Virgil and his wife, Mari, have owned their home on Camano Island since June 2016. Virgil recently retired from Salesforce as Vice President of Technology and was CTO for Tomax, a software company in Salt Lake City, for 21 years. Virgil attended O’Dea High School in Seattle and the University of Washington. He is a volunteer with A Simple Gesture and enjoys camping, hiking and kayaking.



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