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Kamstrup Smart Meter Replacement Pilot Project

Last year, we are installed new Kamstrup Smart Meters in the Saratoga Area; we anticipate that this will soon become a district wide improvement. These new meters replaced the aging Sensus Meters and will have the additional capability of being read remotely.  They also include acoustic leak detection components that communicate via software to provide data on water flow, temperature, and bursts.  These new meters we will be a great tool to locate leaks more efficiently and accurately.


     Camano Cooperative Water & Power Co.


 A private water cooperative serving  approximately 600 shareholders and

with the capacity to serve up to 698.


994 S. Gary Lane

Camano Island, WA  98282


(360) 387-7363  office

(360) 630-0970 after hours emergency



Office Hours:

M-Th  11am -  3pm

F  11am -  2pm






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